About Winding Trails Media

Where do I begin to tell you the story of Winding Trails Media? Maybe, I should start in 2012, when a group of St. Louis writers got together for a weekly write-in. This group would become known as The Write Pack. Our conversations about the writing industry, our mutual support, and various common interests in geek culture would lead to the creation of a weekly free podcast, Write Pack Radio, dedicated to the writing industry.

After being the host, producer, and editor of Write Pack Radio for two years, I realized I had the chance to build something on top of another passion of mine—radio plays.

Maybe,  I should start the story of Winding Trails Media in 1981 when I accidently tuned into the Star Wars radio drama that played on National Public Radio. Eventually Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi would air between 1981 and 1996. Over the years between, I became exposed to radio dramas from “The Golden Age of Radio.” Radio shows such as The Shadow, Superman, Sherlock Holmes, Johnny Dollar, Sam Spade, X Minus One, Lights Out Everybody, and so many more let me enjoy stories told “in the theater in the mind.”

During those years, I had had the idea of producing radio plays and approached local radio stations. They were not interested because they didn’t see radio dramas as something that would attract the modern audience.

Year later, the advent and growth of the internet and spread of podcasts has given that old passion a new spark. That spark has created Winding Trails Theater.

Where did the idea for Winding Trails Media come from? It was a combination of passions over many years—the passion for the imagination, for creating stories, and for the audio media.

David Alan Lucas
President of Winding Trails Theater, LLC.


For information about me as an author of short stories, poetry, articles and more, please visit: www.davidalanlucas.com