Advertisement Form


Who should advertise either on Write Pack Radio or Winding Trails Theater?

Those in the publishing industry:
    ·         Do you have a book that is coming out?
    ·         Do you want to promote a book that is already out?
    ·         Do you have a book store?
    ·         Are you a publisher or editor that wants to promote your brand?
    ·         Do you have an author service that you provide?
    ·         Are you an agent looking for new clients?

Other companies:
   ·         Do you have a product or service and your market is nation-wide or international?

Then you want to advertise on one of our shows or even be the proud sole supporter of one of our episodes.

Here is how it works:
   1.       Fill out the form below.
   2.       Tell us which show you would like to advertise on and if there is anything that requires special timing (like a
             book launch).
   3.       Please enter a 100-word advertisement that you wish to use OR let us know if you already have a recorded
             advertisement and it’s length.
   4.       After review, we will send you an email with a paypal link to pay for the advertisement.

* We reserve the right to not accept an advertisement if it has:
   a.       An over use of explicit language;
   b.       Explicit or self-censored explicit language in titles or subtitles;
   c.       References to illegal drugs, profanity, or violence in the title;
   d.       Content that could be construed as racist, misogynist, homophobic, or contain other hate themes;
   e.       Is political in nature;
   f.        Third-party trademarks or content without authorization or usage rights;
   g.       Content which is irrelevant or spam;
   h.       If your company is not in good standing with the publishing industry or the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

How long will your advertisement last?

Your advertisement will be recorded on to the end of the episode and will remain a part of the permanent broadcast of the episode. The recording will be available for streaming or downloading as long as it is on the internet and so will your advertisement.
How much does it cost to advertise:
  ·  $5.00 for a single 1-minute advertisement to be played on 1 episode at the beginning of the show.
  ·  $3.00 for a single 1-minute advertisement to be played on 1 episode at the end of the show.
  ·  $20.00 for a 1-minute advertisement to be played across 5 episodes at the beginning of the show.
  ·  $12.00  for a 1 -minute advertisement to be played across 5 episodes at the end of the show.
  ·  $25.00 to sponsor an episode. This would include being able to be the sole advertiser on that episode with a 5-minute
      advertisement (5 1-minute advertisements). Your logo and name would appear on any artwork related to the episode.

If you have additional questions, contact: