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Episode 7: Geek Culture Genre Geeking in the Mainstream

(Aired April 13, 2014)

It has been the rise of the geeks! But who are they? Are they all just Science Fiction and Fantasy Geeks? Or do other genres like horror, mystery/thrillers, and romance have their geekdom as well and can we all just get along? Join The Write Pack as the explore geekdom, Comic Con, Bouchercon, gaming, role playing games, comic books, and the past and modern age of geekdom—including crowdsourcing films like Veronica Mars, Star Trek Axanar, and Star Trek Renegades. Also, here is an article from the BBC about D&D as it was looked at 30 years ago, when there was a mania against parts of Geek culture: The great 1980s Dungeons & Dragons panic: