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Episode 10: The Necessary Villain

(Aired May 4, 2014)

While the word antagonist is the modern accepted word in stories, there is a difference between an antagonist and a layered villain. An antagonist is the obstacle. A villain is a thinking counterpart to the protagonist, acting as the protagonist’s dark mirrored reflection that shatters the façade to show us the protagonist as their true self. As the Write Pack explores the villain we toss out Nazis, Vampires, Darth Vader, Dracula, Zombies, Moriarty, The Joker, Javert and more. We explore the seductive aspects of the villain and evil. How do you create a layered villain? Why is the villain so necessary? What makes a villain memorable? What drives the villain? Are there types of villains? How does the villain tie to the black moment? Is there a relationship between the Villain and the Hero?