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Episode 11: (Avoiding) The Boring Hero

(Aired May 11, 2014)

In our previous episode, the Write Pack explored the Necessary Villain. Now, we explore how to avoid an easy trap many beginning—and even some veteran writers fall into—the boring hero. Heroes who seem able to conquer any villain, face the darkest elements of man and not bat an eye may have been the stable of fiction centuries ago, but now they are a sure cure for insomnia. What makes the hero of a story . . . a real yawn stimulator? Are there common traits? Can you rehabilitate a boring hero? Is there a way to make the Superman hero in your story cry and bleed? Must they bleed? Why can’t they just get the treasure and be happy? What must you do to make the Hero necessary to the story? Or is the hero nothing more than a literary version of the zombie ant?