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Episode 14: The Craft of World Building

(Aired June 1, 2014)

No one writer’s journey on the path to being a writer is never the same as another. They are rocky. They have twists and turns that seem to take you away from the peak of the writing goal. These paths come with the same questions: How does it begin? When does it begin? When do you know you are a writer? Does it start with emulating others or playing in the universe of another story? Does it start with classes or outside of class? Where does encouragement come from? What drives the writer and the written piece? When and how do you push the boundaries and what boundaries are there? How do you learn the writing and publishing industry? Do we always start of writing bad stories? What feedback do you need to improve your writing? How does the transformation as a writer begin and when? Does being a writer ruin the watching movies, TV, and reading books because you can guess the plot easily? Do you begin to identify how the other writers create characters that can’t be related to? Do you learn from other writers’ mistakes? Should there be stories that you write that should never be published? Do you ever come to a point where you run out of questions in this journey?