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Episode 15: The Schools of Mystery, the Tropes, and the Clichés

(Aired June 8, 2014)

Recorded on Dashiell Hammett’s birthday, the Write Pack explore the schools, tropes, and clichés of the mystery genre, Why does there always have to be a murder? What are the sub-genres or schools or subgenres of the mystery genre? Do the crimes always have to be solved by a little old lady with no background in police work from a town where the murder victims outstrip the population of the town? What are some of the rules? What separates the subgenres? What are courtroom genres? What are police procedural stories? What are hardboiled mysteries? Why do detective characters have to be broken? What are crime novels? What separates the mystery from the adventure novel or are they separate? Does there always need to be a sidekick? Do we always need justice? Do we always need the group of suspects gathered together in the drawing room or the court room for the criminal to be discovered? Is the evidence always quickly analyzed by the forensic lab?