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Episode 16: Marks of a Writer Town

(Aired June 15, 2014)

Recently, St. Louis was listed as the best city for writers. But, what makes a town appealing to writers? What do writers look for in the places where they live? What is so great about St. Louis as a writer’s town? How does the town’s culture inspire writers? What services are available to a writer? Does the town have working writers? Is the community supportive of writers? Does the community support artists and creative events? Does the cost of living in the town help writers? Does it have coffee shops that invite you to stay and linger? Does the town have a creative personality? Are there locations in the town that are inspirational? What would your idea writers’ town have in it? How accessible are things in the town? Does the town draw in new people? What events, groups, resources, inspirational locations and theaters are in St. Louis (and these are the ones we just mentioned, there are more) are for or inspire writers? St. Louis Writers Guild, Sisters in Crime, St. Louis Publishers Association, Missouri Romance Writers of America, Saturday Writers, Missouri Writers Guild, St. Louis Poetry Association, Archon - St. Louis, MO - Science Fiction/Fantasy Convention, Writers Association of Jefferson City, Writers Festivals, Writers in the Park, Lit in the Lou, Missouri Writers Guild Conference, Saint Louis Shakespeare in the Park, Jewish Book Festival, St. Louis Art Museum, St. Louis Jazz, St. Louis Blues, River Styx Writers Conference, STLBooks, Independent Books Stores, City of St. Louis Library, St. Louis County Library, Municipal Library Consortium, St. Louis Repertory Theater, St. Louis Black Repertory Theater, The Muny, Fox Theater, Powel Symphony Hall, First Run, Creve Coeur Lake, Forest Park, Missouri Botanical Gardens, Mississippi River, Laumeier Sculpture Park, Police Library, Universities, Museums, and coffee houses abound!