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Episode 17: How Do We Begin?

(Aired June 15, 2014)

Is getting the idea for a story the hardest part of writing? Not in the opinion of the Write Pack. Despite many people coming up to writers with the aged old conversation of “I have an idea for a great [story] [book] [TV show] [movie]. If you write it we can split the profits,” the idea is not the hardest part in beginning a new project. So where do ideas come from? What is the most powerful question in writing? Should I write what I know? What exactly does that question really mean? What kinds of knowledge does a good writer pull into their project? Is it possible to write about something you have never done or about a culture or society that you don’t know? What do you need to start a new project? Do you need the dark moment? Do you need the philosophical question? How do you take an idea to the next stage? Do you plot? Do you free write? Do you research? Do you create a story bible?