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Episode 18: To Blog or Not to Blog?

(Aired June 29, 2014)

Wherever a writer turns, they are told to blog. But does an author or an author trying to break in should blog? Should we blog just to blog? What are the dangers of blogging? If time, strength, and readership attention spans are limited, what kind of blog is important? How do you blog? How can a blog draw readers to your books, stories, and poems? How does blogging help build your platform? What is a blog? How can you use a blog? Can blogs be a reference for yourself and your craft? Where should you blog? How do you name your blog? What kind of schedule should you keep? How do you market your blog? Can you make money from a blog? Does your blog have a reason? What are some of the wrong reasons to post a blog? What are some good reasons to post a blog? What are blog tours? How can you use them? Is there a magic number of readers you are wanting to attract to your blog to make it important? So, should you blog? Well . . . what does your reader want?