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Episode 19: Observations of a Serial Reader

(Aired July 6, 2014)

What makes a series good? When should it end? When you write a series, you need to love your character but you can grow to hate them. Do writers continue to write a series once it grows stale because they are afraid they can’t write or publish anything else? Do fans force a writer to stay in a series even if the writer wants to write something else? Should characters change throughout the series or should a series reset after each book, episode, etc.? Is it dangerous to a writer and the reader to have the character change and grow throughout the series? Can an author be pigeonholed? Do authors have to write under pen names to write different stories? Why do you read the series you read? Why do you write the series you write? How do you set it up for the sequel or do you? What are the difference between standalone books and linked books? Will you your throwaway lines get in trouble? Will you confuse your reader? Should you play in other people’s universe? What happens when new writers change the series? Should series writers maintain a series bible? What happens when you break the world the story is in? What causes you to feel like you “went to Starbucks and walked out with a fish filet?” What happens when the characters stop behaving the way they had in the previous stories? When does a series jump a shark? When does the series grow stale? In television, what can go wrong when you change the writing and directing staff? What are series kinks? Are you willing to kill your characters or are they immortal? How do you or writers you like to read handle consequences of the events in the story? Word of advice: Don’t treat your reader as less intelligent than you. There are serious ramification if you do.