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Episode 21: Violence in Fiction

(Aired July 20, 2014)

The Write Pack explores the questions about violence in fiction. What is an appropriate level of violence in a story? Of course this all depends on the genre and the story, but when is it over the top? It depends on the unwritten contract between the author and the reader. Does the violence have to be on stage or can it happen in the background? Is the story about violence or does the violence need to reflect the story? How much violence is needed for the story? Does the violence exist to exist? How does violence move the story forward? How is violence appropriate in the world of the story? What kind of message is the author sending with the violence? Has the level and focus of violence changed in all the media over the last decade and more? Has the level of violence in Children’s Literature changed? When does violence kick the reader out of the story? When does violence seem cartoonish? What kind of violence is never allowed? Is there typical victims of violence in the story? Do you have Red Shirts or Storm Troopers in your story? Are there certain characters that have to die? What is the choice of the violence? How does it reflect the character? How does it show their emotions? How does violence in one story effect other stories in a series or does the series reset? What is the psychology of violence?