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Episode 22: Writing from the Headlines

(Aired July 20, 2014)

Write Pack explores writing from fiction based on the headlines. Writing fiction from the headlines is a form of immediate writing. Is it possible to write fiction from the headlines or is this a luxury saved for the TV and Comic book media? Is it possible to do this with other forms of writings? Do you have to be a superhuman fast writer where you produce 50 books a year? Or is it a crap shoot of timing where you can’t predict it? Do you have to pick a long running trend to be able to write fiction based on the headlines and keep it relevant? For example—murder, bulling, so on…. Or should you be a futurist and focus on science fiction? Is writing from the headlines really just a form of research? Does it have to be immediate? Can it be too soon? How do you keep your stories relevant when your story comes out? If it is too soon it might turn off the audience and the writer runs the possible of inaccuracy. Can you use the headlines to write historical fiction? Mystery? Science Fiction? Fantasy? Real Crime? Other genres? On the other side of the coin: When do you start to feel like a vulture or a writer version of an ambulance chaser? Can the trends burn out? Another way to use the headlines is to write a reformation book. Grab a cause and write about it as there is nothing better than passion.