Write Pack Radio Season 01

Episode 01
Amusing the Muse

Episode 02
Traditional vs Self vs hybrid publishing part 1

Episode 03
Brown Bagging Books

Episode 04
Traditional vs Self vs hybrid publishing part 2

Episode 005
Cyborgs vs Androids vs Robots

Episode 006
Can Utopia exist in all the Dystopic Fiction?

Episode 007
Geek Culture (Genre Geeking) in the Mainstream

Episode 008
Pantsing vs Plotting

Episode 009
The Persevering Writer

Episode 010
The Necessary Villain

Episode 011
The Boring Hero

Episode 012
Exploring the Tropes of Science Fiction and Fantasy

Episode 013
The Writers Journey

Episode 014
The Craft of World Building

Episode 015
The Schools of Mystery, the Tropes, and the Clichés

Episode 016
Marks of a
Writer Town

Episode 017
How Do We Begin

Episode 018
To Blog or Not to Blog

Episode 019
of a Serial Reader

Episode 020
Women in Fiction: Characters vs Caricatures

Episode 021
Violence in Fiction

Episode 022
Writing from the Headlines

Episode 023
Critique Groups, Critique Partners, and Beta Readers

Episode 024
Conferences Conventions and Expos

Episode 025
Litmus Tests and Writing about Social Issues

Episode 026
Breaking the Block

Episode 027
Submissions--Worry, Regret, and Rejection

Episode 28
The Story Telling of Radio Dramas

Episode 029
Fact Checking Your Writing

Episode 030
Reboots The Rise of Suceess or the Rise of Failure

Episode 031
How to Filter Out All the Writing Advice

Episode 032
Futurism, Past-ism, Romanticism, or Wish Fulfillment

Episode 033
Fear in Suspense and Horror Scare vs Gore

Episode 035
Pitching your Work

Episode 034
Plot Fails and Forgivable Sins

Episode 036
Elements of Story

Episode 037
Why be a Writer?

Episode 038
Setting as Character

Episode 039
Know Your Audience

Episode 042
Guilty Pleasures of Writing

Episode 041
Addiction and Writing

Episode 040
Rest In Peace When Your Favorite Characters Die

Episode 043
Write Ins and Writing Retreats

Episode 044
Writing About Differently Abled Characters

Episode 045
Writer Resolutions in the New Year

Episode 046
The Elusive Voice

Episode 047
Punking the Punk

Episode 048
Tightening Tension

Episode 050
Meet the Write Pack Part 1

Episode 049
Gatekeepers Now and Then

Episode 051
Meet the Write Pack Part 2

Episode 052
Meet the Write Pack Part 3

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