Write Pack Radio Season 02

Episode 053
The Toys of Tomorrow

Episode 054
In Review

Episode 055
Twisted Surprises in Fiction

Episode 056
Points of View

Episode 057
Story Length: Does Size Matter?

Episode 058
The Writing Rules according to Elmore Leonard

Episode 059
Forgettable Characters

Episode 060
Grim Dark

Episode 061
Pet Peeves of the Portrayal of Women in Fiction

Episode 062
What is dystopia

Episode 063
Developing Strong Male Characters

Episode 064
Preparing for the Long Siege of a Novel

Episode 067
Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling

Episode 066
Weapons of the Future

Episode 065
What is the Story Bible and What Good is it

Episode 070
How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Writing and not Ruin Your Life

Episode 069
One More Story Games

Episode 068
The Storytelling of Games

Episode 071
What is Amazon Barnes and Noble and Goodreads doing for and hampering authors?

Episode 073
To have a Pen Name or Not to have a Pen Name

Episode 072
Ethical Issues in Fiction

Episode 076
22 Lessons from Stephen King on How to Be a Great Writer-Part 2

Episode 075
22 Lessons from Stephen King on How to Be a Great Writer-Part 1

Episode 074
Writing Communities

Episode 079
Paranormal Romance and Being a Hybrid Author

Episode 078
Writing Practical Fiction and Avoiding the Mundane

Episode 077
Rating systems for books

Episode 080
The Empowered Artist

Episode 082
10 Writing Rules We Wish More Authors Would Break--Part 1

Episode 081
The Importance of Failure

Episode 085
Religion in Fiction

Episode 084
Kurt Vonnegut 8 Basics of Creative Writing

Episode 083
10 Writing Rules We Wish More Authors Would Break--Part 2

Episode 087
Developmental Editors

Episode 088 One More Story Games—Games You Read Books You Play

Episode 089 Trauma How much is too much

Episode 095
Fan Fiction: Pros Cons and Copyright

Episode 094
When Authors Kill Our Fascination with Murder

Episode 093
True Confessions and Goals for the New Year

Episode 096
Octavia E. Butler and Her Rules of Writing

Episode 097
In and Out of Romance Romance Crossing Other Genres

Episode 098
Author Etiquette When Authors Behave Badly

Episode 099
The Shark Tank Could they make it now?

Episode 100
Douglas Adams and Knowing your Goal

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Episode 090 Walking the Road to Publication

Episode 091 Publishing with Small Presses

Episode 092
What All Characters Need

Episode 086
How to Create Aliens in Stories