Write Pack Radio Season 03

Episode 101
Neil Gaiman’s 8 Rules of Writing

Episode 102
Books vs. Film Adaptions--The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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Episode 103
Marketing Tips

Episode 104
Shakespeare and Getting it on Paper

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Episode 105
Fixing Messy Manuscripts

Episode 106
The Art of Writing Subtext

Episode 107
Unleashing the Imagination

Episode 108
Unleashing the Imagination

Episode 109
What Instincts do you Need to Develop as a Writer?

Episode 110
Writing Secondary Characters

Episode 111
Writing Flashbacks

Episode 112
Word Choice and Setting the Mood

Episode 113
Believable Plots and
Charles Dickens

Episode 114
Dramatizing Issues of Gender, Power and Society

Episode 115
Bad Guys and Sleazy Protagonists

Episode 116
Dealing with Our Demons

Episode 117
Realistic Dialogue

Episode 118
Establish Theme Early

Episode 119
Raising the Stakes

Episode 120
Sassy Characters and Historical Fiction

Episode 121
Dramatic Character Thoughts

Episode 122
Simplification and Lord Tennyson

Episode 123
Rhythmn and Pacing

Episode 124
Pros and Cons of Heroes and Villains

Episode 125
Simplifying Plots

Episode 126
Lavish Openings

Episode 129
Do Mysteries Need a New Life?

Episode 128
Audio Books and Do it Yourself

Episode 127
Write Pack Radio at Wine Wit & Lit for Reelin' and Healin'

Episode 130
Revise, Rewrite, and Polish

Episode 131
Targeting Conflict

Episode 132
What Makes a Good Noir and Thriller

Episode 133

Episode 134
Shared Universes

Episode 135
Submit (your work)

Episode 136
Interpreting the World through Story

Episode 137
Using Animals in Your Story

Episode 138
Gifts for Writers

Episode 139
Rewarding Yourself and Jane Austen

Episode 140
Recognizing the Scams

Episode 141
What Magazine is Right for You

Episode 142
Writer Motivation and Resolutions

Episode 143
Our Rules

Episode 144
Recovering from a Setback

Episode 145
Online Writing Courses

Episode 146
Acting Out Our Characters